My name is Remy. This is where I put art, themes, graphics, tutorials, occassional blog posts, and other things. This site is mainly inspired by websites I used to browse in the early to mid 2000s. Please view on desktop mode if on your phone! Thanks for looking and enjoy your stay.

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latest updates

05/17/22: Added a new theme

05/14/22: Added new themes, added new stuff to graphics

05/12/22: Added new stuff to the graphics page, added new art posts

05/01/22: Added new stuff to the graphics page

04/30/22: Added new stuff to the resources page, added a new art post, added new old photos to photo logs 2012 and 2013

03/15/22: Added a new journal entry

03/08/22: Added a new art post, new photo log entry, new journal entry

03/02/22: Added a new theme, new art post

02/27/22: Added new journal entry

02/20/22: Changed journal style + added new entry. Added new art posts. Fixed some links on various pages.

02/09/22: Added a new art post, added a new theme

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