Name: Remy

Age: Old

Hobbies: Coding, art, videogames

Likes: Coffee smell, going places with bf, feeling fully present and in the moment

Dislikes: Harsh/repetetive noises, bitter people, people who make assumptions about others over looks, age, irrelevant things they have no control over.


Music: Older capsule, MEG, Perfume, most stuff produced by Yasutaka Nakata pre 2012ish, Goatbed, old game music (late 90s-early 2000s)

Games: Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, .Hack// series, Ace Attorney series, certain MMORPGs (currently FFXIV)

Shows: Childhood anime I'm attached to (Inuyasha, Kino's Journey, Haibane Renmei), Taskmaster, Inside No. 9, an assemblage of trash reality TV shows


Watching: Random youtube vids

Playing: FFXIV

Working on: Lands of Lafaria (Mine and my bf's worldbuilding project)